We are a broad coalition of students, community organizations, and union members united to make the University of Southern California (USC) a better neighbor and accountable to its surrounding communities.

Together, we’re working to expand USC access to working class LAUSD students, fighting to increase the affordable housing stock in USC’s neighboring communities, mobilizing to abolish the USC police, and organizing to make USC a good employer that respects workers’ right to form their union.



The reality is the USC Police is rotten from the bottom up and must be abolished. The recommendations made by USC Department of Public Safety Community Advisory Board are mere smoke and mirrors, a continuation of the status quo, and allow for perpetual terror against Black and Brown residents, students and staff.”

KABC-7 Covers our Abolish USC Police Rally

On the heels of our ground-breaking report exposing USC-DPS hiring of fired LAPD officers, KABC-7 reports on our rally calling for USC to abolish the USC police.

Capital & Main Takes a Deep Dive into our Report on USC’s Hiring of Officers Fired by the LAPD

Capital & Main is putting our USC-DPS investigative report in the spotlight with a deep dive into what’s going down with the USC police. In case you missed it, our report exposes USC-DPS’ track record of hiring former LAPD officers with a history of excessive force and racial discrimination allegations, credibility and dishonesty issues, and officer-involved shootings.

USC Forward’s Coalition of Students, Clergy, Labor and Community Groups led a Caravan to USC Dept. of Public Safety to Demand the Abolishment of USC Police Force

Dozens of students, community members, clergy, and labor allies led a car caravan today through South Los Angeles to the USC Department of Public Safety (USC-DPS) to hold a press conference demanding the university take immediate steps to abolish the USC police force and reinvest those funds in expanding scholarships for low-income students.

USC Students, Clergy, Labor, and Community Groups Caravan to USC DPS to Demand University Abolish Police Force

Dozens of students, community members, clergy, and labor allies…

Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Community Leaders, and Clergy Erect Tent City at USC Campus

On Saturday, a broad coalition including community leaders, South…

A Call for Accountability

Fellow Graduate Students, We at USC Forward stand with survivors…