USC Forward is a project of SEIU Local 721. We are a coalition of students, faculty, alumni, and community fighting for a better USC.

For years we’ve witnessed skyrocketing tuition put higher education out of reach for many in our city. We’ve seen our faculty and graduate students’ work go under-rewarded and under-appreciated, teaching and conducting research without an adequate voice in the decisions affecting their work and their students. We’ve seen our university shift from an institution of higher learning to a business – focusing on profits over quality education.

Our university is becoming a luxury for the wealthy instead of a pathway to the American Dream. Students spend their entire lives trying to pay off debt, yet too many professors are paid so little that they qualify for food stamps – all while top administrators pay themselves millions. Together, we are fighting to restore the promise of higher education: a commitment to quality, accessible instruction that graduates students without debt, pays our educators a living wage, and generates more opportunities for everyone in our communities.

Join us.

Join Us!

USC Forward is a coalition of students, faculty, alumni, and community fighting for a better USC.

Right now we’re at TCC 450 gearing up for tonight’s GSG vote! Join us to help send a clear message in support of a strong, collective voice for grad students! ...

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2 years with no contract, and faculty and students are tired of waiting.

Support striking Loyola faculty: bit.ly/2uJIHfd

#teacherstrike #TimesUpLoyola

HAPPENING NOW: Picket lines are forming at Loyola University as faculty & students walkout. After two years with no contract and a decade with no pay increases, faculty are tired of waiting! Show your support: bit.ly/2uJIHfd #TimesUpLoyola #teacherstrike

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